About Me

Reconstructed Milfield Henge, Part of the ‘Maelmen Heritage Trail’ at Milfield, Northumberland, September 2017 - taken by Katrine Rustad


The conceptual context of my current art practice was laid down by 6 years of transformational painting on the Conwy estuary in North Wales between 2006 – 2012.

I then divided my time between psychotherapy and painting. The tidal estuary movements constantly reveal and then swallow up dynamic land and sea-scapes. As I absorbed this process in painting, my efforts were being distilled into a primal paring back and revealing. My intense focus was driving a deep psychic exploration. This lead to an expansion in my ecological consciousness and a psychic connection to distant aboriginal origins. The mirage-like parallel landscapes appearing at low-tide with their shape-shifting remnants were reconditioning my eye and my neurological and painting processes.

From 2012, I have worked full time as an artist. Between 2013-15 I painted on Lake Ontario & Lake Massawippi in Canada where I produced a series called ‘Songlands’. The development accomplished in the estuary environment allowed me to make a particular attunement to the potent ecological and aboriginal psyche of the wild nature of Eastern Canada. I started producing paintings from deep unconscious resources - ancient ‘image-stories’ contrasting sharply with our current deeply discordant ecological story. These paintings signify a ‘Return to Origins’ with ‘image stories’ contributing to the reconditioning of our modern view of humans in nature.

I returned to live in Scotland in 2015 and built a studio on the River Tweed where I developed attunement through encounters with a number of significant trees. My focus then shifted to the Whale-back profile of an ancient volcano in my landscape. This enabled the production of collective symbolic images connecting our ancient ecological mind to the present. A synthesis of a depth exploration of the greater psyche and the painting of totemic landscapes in which I am embedded.