Salmon Dance - 1 m sq - January 2019 - Scotland


  • Australian Aboriginal Art – In particular the sacred heritage site of Narwala Gabarnmung. Also, the profound attunement of aboriginal peoples to their landscape and intercommunal integrity.

  • North American First Nations – particularly the Abenaki peoples of South Eastern Quebec – their deep ecological and spirit consciousness in nature and their living ancestral relationships.

  • Neolithic standing stones, tombs and henges – particularly the Carnac Stones in Brittany, France and Avebury, Wiltshire in England. Additionally, the Bronze Age Sea Henge discovered in Norfolk, England.

  • Graeme Warren -‘Mesolithic Lives in Scotland’

  • Nan Shepherd - ‘The Living Mountain’.

  • Upper paleolithic and paleo-indian archaeology.

  • Carl Jung’s Understanding of Archetype and the Multi-layered Unconscious.

  • Andy Fisher – 'Radical Ecopsychology' – his quest for re-attunement to nature

  • David Lewis Williams – ‘The Mind in the Cave’

  • Ernst Fischer – 'The Necessity of Art’

  • Carl Jung – ‘Mandala Symbolism’

  • Antonio Tapies – his understanding of the importance of a return to origins in art.

  • Joseph Campbell – 'Primitive Mythology'